One in every five Australian children has gone hungry in the past 12 months according to a new report, with some even resorting to chewing paper to try to feel full.

The survey of 1,000 parents commissioned by Foodbank shows 22 per cent of Australian children under the age of 15 live in a household that has run out of food at some stage over the past year.
One in five kids affected go to school without eating breakfast at least once a week, while one in 10 go a whole day at least once a week without eating anything at all.

What the report says:

    • One in five children have gone hungry at some stage in the past year
    • Of those, 18 per cent go to school without eating breakfast at least once a week
    • 11 per cent go to bed without eating dinner at least once a week
    • 9 per cent go all day without eating at least once a week
    • 29 per cent of parents facing food stress often go without so their kids can eat

Source: Rumbling Tummies: Child Hunger in Australia (Foodbank)

For many children, school lunch is the best meal of the day. It’s a chance for children to fuel their bodies, unlocking the child’s potential to be an excellent student.

An empty stomach can create a variety of hurdles. By supplying young students with healthy lunches, our program is giving them the tools necessary for success. Lunch hour isn’t just a time for students to unwind and socialize, it’s the chance to provide nutrients to growing young minds and increases a young child’s ability to focus and retain information.

Carevan Foundation in conjunction with local primary schools provides local primary schools with a school lunch time pack prepared by VCAL students.

“Youth Supporting Youth” To date this program has provided in excess of 5,500 lunches to primary aged students.

The schools that participate in the program are as follows:

  • West Albury Primary School
  • Springdale Heights Primary School
  • Wodonga West Primary School
  • Albury Public School
  • Glenroy Primary School
  • Melrose Primary School
  • Sothern Rise Primary School
  • Wodonga Primary School
We wanted a program that could provide job readiness, team building, problem solving, health & safety and in addition to these skills to be able to give back to the community. This program allows our students to contribute in a meaningful way
Mark SmithVCAL Co-Ordinator Wodonga Senior Secondary College
The Carevan Foundation School Lunchtime Program has most certainly filled a void. It has given us an opportunity to identify students who are accessing the service. We notice escalating behaviours when student come without their lunches. It has improved engagement & we value this relationship with Carevan.
Darren ClarkeAssistance Principal Melrose Primary School Wodonga