The Poverty In Australia 2018 report shows there are just over three million people (13.2%) living below the relative poverty line, including 739,000 children (17.3% of children)

Carevan is doing its part to make a difference, you can too.

John Brabant


Message From The Founder

Reflecting on our achievements since inception it is fair to say our biggest achievement has being that of social inclusion. It’s not about the meal. It has been the Carevan Vision to encourage “us” and “them” to become “we”, by developing a sense of belonging and a sense of identity in those less fortunate in our community.

With our identifiable Care Van we have raised awareness for the need for poverty reduction and sustainable development in this area. Our Carevan programs are not just reactive but proactive and preventive, and they are owned by our community. The Kids Cooking and Caring program, where Year 9 students are mentored and educated around social awareness and compassion for those living in poverty. Our Sun Smiles program where dental students and oral health students go to primary schools with puppets to teach children how to brush their teeth can change the dental health of a generation of children from lower socio economic environments, and give them a better chance in life to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Thank you again to all who contribute to the Carevan, no matter how big or small, your time and effort are so much appreciated.

Kind regards,
John Brabant.

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Carevan is making a difference and so can you

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