Kids Cooking and Caring Program

A partnership to address an identified need/opportunity that will benefit students

The objective is to provide a range of community-based experiences that expose students to broader community issues. The electives, introduced in 2010, were based on research into this cohort of students: Understanding Year 9 students Forum Report: Office of Policy, Research and Innovation from Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, 2009:

  • students who perform community service are better adjusted to a variety of situations;
  • positive experiences lead to better educational outcomes as students assume adult-like roles and responsibilities
  • participation develops a leadership culture within the school environment;
  • off-campus activities have a direct link to improved academic outcomes

Student participation in a partnership with Carevan, a local community organisation that provides practical support for members of the community that are in need or vulnerable in the local community. Year 9 students have to plan and prepare meals for, and interact with, those clients. Year 9 students’ involvement in the Partnership is on a rotational basis 12 – 20 students per term – providing all students’ access to the Partnership at some stage during the academic year. The benefit to students:

  • learn the value of voluntary work and how their participation makes others’ lives better;
  • appreciate that there are people in the community who are worse off than themselves or understand through their own family experience hardship.
  • contribute to the community by firstly understanding what Carevan provides to the community and other services that are available for anyone in need. Understanding the benefits of nutrition & preparing, planning and cooking the food distributed to the community & combining social networking and awareness;
  • gain employment skills by acquiring a new skill: cooking/food handling;
  • experience teamwork with their peers and with Carevan management: cooperation, support, encouragement;
  • develop maturity and self-confidence through participation in the Partnership: knowing that others rely and depend on their contribution;
  • parents supporting the Partnership provide positive feedback and enhance the relationship with their adolescent child at a potentially volatile stage.

Benefits for Carevan:

  • donation of students’ time and meals assists and sustains Carevan in a practical way:
  • the Partnership enhances Carevan’s profile in Secondary Schools and the broader community;
  • Carevan offers outside voluntary activities that students can also participate in.
  • Empowering youth to care for each other and others in the community

At the completion of their participation in the Partnership:

  • competent students attain a Certificate of Food Handling at the completion of the term;
  • they perform self-evaluation;
  • they receive a letter from the Founder of Carevan & Chief Executive Officer along with a certificate of appreciation
  • staff document student performance and behavior: the small size of each term’s group- enables full engagement thus behavior has been positive and cooperative.

David Kapay

Our Kids Cooking and Caring Ambassador & Owner of Miss Amelie Restaurant

Whilst David started his apprenticeship locally in the Albury/Wodonga, his culinary repertoire flourished after being given the opportunity to work under Jamie Oliver at the world famous Fifteen restaurant in London and also with Gordon Ramsay and Jason Atherton at Michelin-starred Maze restaurant also in London. His fondness for his hometown however, drew him back to the Border to pursue his dream of opening his own restaurant.

David’s dedication to food and cooking is all about connection. He believes that good food brings people together, and in turn makes the world a better place.

While David works tirelessly to create memorable experiences for his guests at Miss Amelie, he strives every day to remember the bigger picture. His vision is to create a stronger community, by giving back to those less fortunate and investing time in empowering younger generations.

David is proud to be an ambassador for the Caravan’s ‘kids cooking and caring program’ committed to building a stronger future for our community.